Your 'Austin Wellness' Quiz Results:

Gym Rat - You're hardcore, and it shows. Mack would put you on his team if he still had one. You work out almost as often as you can be caught downing the latest in protein smoothies. And while your meals make a delicious beverage, remember to mix in some filtered water, especially after you’ve lathered up and put yourself on display in the yard. You don't want to get dehydrated from all that sun exposure, do you?

Your personality type matches 92.73% of the people who have taken this quiz.

How do you exercise?
More intensely than UT fans wanted Mack fired in the end: weights and cardio, no pain no gain.
My body is my vehicle: biking and walking. Who needs a V6 when you have a (slight) 6-pack?
Light exercise - as long as my jeans still fit, I'm good.
I walked to my kitchen this morning.
How often do you exercise?
As many days as there are in a week.
I strive for 3-5 times a week.
1-3 times a week is good enough for me.
I walked to and from my kitchen this afternoon…
What do you eat?
I prefer my meals scooped, blended, and drank. Protein shakes are the best things since sliced bread.
Whole foods all the way - organic and local!
Fresh foods with some supplements, for the most part.
I just like food, I'm not picky. Carry out or delivery, pre-made or home-made, it's all good!
What do you drink?
My meals.
Filtered water and my fresh pressed ginger-kale-pineapple juice.
Mostly tap water, but a little bit of everything.
There was beer in my kitchen. There might be a soda left…
How often are you in the sun?
3-5 hours a day. I’m the best view in the neighborhood.
At least half the day. Being one with nature requires being in nature.
Maybe 15-30 minutes a day between buildings.
Everything I need is indoors. Why would I be in the sun?
How much do you sleep a night?
5-6 hours
6-8 hours
Maybe 5 hours?
10-12 hours - sleeping is my favorite sport.